Pre-purchase, insurance and technical surveys


A full condition survey is intended to identify material defects that could affect the boat's use or value.  Following a procedure vetted by professional governing bodies, it includes an inspection of structure, deck and systems, and rig where relevant.  As a sea-trial is good at finding annoyances and defects, it is included as standard.  

As principal, I survey over 50 boats per year from 10 to 60m in length overall, covering:

  • fibreglass, composite, aluminium, steel and timber
  • pre-purchase and insurance
  • investigations after floods, fire, grounding, lightning or other emergencies.

Sample reports are available.


Yacht surveys


Our reports are written to be clear and actionable, with illustrative photos where required.  Experience is augmented with international standards that provide industry-standard practical guidance to enhance safety and reliability.

These include:

  • The EU's Recreational Craft Directive
  • ISO standards for sea-cocks, electrical installations, structural strength, LPG installations, stability, buoyancy, windows, hatches and so on.


We also survey for insurers, visiting quickly after an incident to assess cause, extent of damage and appropriate action.  Recent investigations have covered lightning, flooding, grounding, engine failure and collision.  

Our consultants include a PhD in marine lightning and a chartered electrical engineer.  



Accredited member of Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association for Barcelona    Mecal UK Certifying Authority      

Accredited surveyors for pre-purchase, flag inspection and tonnage measurement - in and around Barcelona, the Western Med and Canary Islands.  

Check out our accreditations here:
YDSA   *    Mecal (ISO 9001 organisation)


Telephone: +34 654 190 130

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