MCA Coding and flag inspections

Yacht coding

We work with a growing fleet of over 30 vessels for flag inspections and MCA Coding – the ongoing process of preparing and managing a yacht to comply with regulations for commercial use.  We are also trainers for a leading management company, helping captains to prepare for inspections with filmed presentations that we wrote and designed.

Beyond inspection, our role is to support you with clear advice. This may involve guidance on where to source compliant equipment, how to apply the Maritime Labour Convention or which local contractors have experience of working to flag rules.

Tips for successful MCA Coding:
• Communicate often and transparently with the surveyor, starting well in advance of survey.
• Use contractors and suppliers that have some experience of working to flag rules.
• If in doubt about equipment or work, ask us before doing it or buying it.
• Prepare well for the survey, ensuring you know the location and function of key systems. The survey is detailed, including out-of-water inspection, structure, electrics, propulsion and safety.

Tips for successful Maritime Labour Convention inspections:
• We have templates available that may help tick some boxes (like crew contracts, complaints procedures and hours-of-rest records).
• Be clear that only correctly qualified crew with commercial endorsements and current medical certificates can work on commercial yachts.


MCA M-noticesa list of active regulation for yacht crew and operators on UK-flagged vessels.  (Some other flags follow the same rules).

Yacht coding


Accredited member of Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association for Barcelona    Mecal UK Certifying Authority      

Accredited surveyors for pre-purchase, flag inspection and tonnage measurement - in and around Barcelona, the Western Med and Canary Islands.  

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