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About Us

We work to reduce risk for people that love being at sea

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About the founder 

Baseline Yachts was founded by Roland Perry.  “Driving and refitting boats since 2003, I have surveyed yachts full time since 2014.  I commit at least one week per year to continuous professional development – studying design, structure, stability, engineering, ISO, and Class standards.  I also train other professionals, writing and filming courses for tonnage, MCA coding, and survey methodology.

“Before surveying, practical experience came as managing director of a refit firm.  As authorized dealers for brands like Volvo Penta, Northern Lights and Dometic, we took responsibility for machinery repair, replacement, and installation.  We worked with class surveyors for structural repairs on large yachts. 


We repaired commercial ships too, making emergency repairs to hydraulic and electrical systems, including Ro-Ro ramps and cranes.


I also have experience as captain of private and charter yachts up to 37m in length.  I understand the captain's point of view, and enjoy working with professional crew doing what I do now.”

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We are accredited by the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association;

nominated surveyors for Maritime and Coastguard Agency certifying authorities; and authorised examiners for the European Maritime Certification Institute.  


Our Values


Observation is the work of surveying – it is an empirical discipline.  We go into each job with open ears and eyes.  We use the appropriate tools to gather the data we need.


Integrity is about caring for surveying as an end in itself.  We have no hidden agenda, no conflict of interest, no eye on another prize.  It is hard to survey well, and we believe in total focus.


Knowledge allows us to understand what we are looking at.  We invest in training, and we retain expert consultants to guide us in areas like lighting, electrical systems, and stability.


Experience helps us assess what it means.  How bad is that crack, or noise, or leak?  What does it mean?  How did that water get to that place?  Every day, our ability is augmented by new situations.

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